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Add/Update Dependents

  • Certain life event occurrences allow you to make changes to your benefit elections. The HIPAA Act of 1996 allows certain benefit elections to be revoked and new elections chosen. Any change you wish to make to your benefit elections must be consistent with your change in status and affect eligibility for coverage. An election change is “consistent” if that change is “on account of” and “corresponds with” a change in status event that affects eligibility for coverage. Example: If a change in status results in an increase or decrease in the number of an associate’s dependents who may benefit from coverage (birth of child, marriage, divorce, etc.).
  • If you experience a qualified status change, you will have up to 30 days from the date of the status change to make changes to your benefit elections.
  • A change in full-time/part-time status allows 31 days from the date of the status change to make changes to your benefit elections.
  • In the event of the birth of a child, medical coverage for that child will be effective retroactively to the date of birth once the family status change event has been entered, the baby’s name, DOB and address entered as a dependent and an election has been made. These steps must be completed within 30 days of the birth. Note: A social security number will be required to add a dependent. Associates will have 90 days from the date of birth to provide the Company with the newborn’s new social security number.

To Add/Enroll a Dependent on the Aon Active Health Exchange (50 states only)

Step 1  Log into

Step 2  Click on the Life Event tab and choose the corresponding Life Event.

Step 3 Enter the date of the qualifying event allowing you to add your dependent.

Step 4 Complete enrollment to add your dependent.

Step 5 Submit your changes and save your confirmation or benefits summary.


To Add/Enroll a Dependent In MyInfo (Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, and Saipan)

Step 1 Go to MyInfo

Step 2 Select “Main Menu”, “Self Service”, “Benefits”, “Life Events”

Step 3 Select the Life Event that applies and continue to update benefit enrollment

Note: This option will only be available to you if you have created a Family Status Change or during the Annual Enrollment period.

Step 5 Read the “Terms and Conditions” then click the “I Agree” button

Step 6 Click the “Edit” box in front of the benefit plan

Step 7 Select one of the plans listed and scroll down to the “Enroll Your Dependents” section (see below)

Step 8 Click “Add/Review Dependents”

Step 9 Click “Add a dependent or beneficiary”

Step 10 Enter your Dependent/Beneficiary’s personal information and click “Save”

Step 11 The next page displays the Dependent/Beneficiary’s personal information you entered

Step 12 Scroll down the page and click “Return to Enrollment Dependent/Beneficiary Summary”

Step 13 The next page displays all Dependent/Beneficiaries

Step 14 If you have more Dependent/Beneficiaries to add, click “Add a dependent or beneficiary” and repeat steps 10 thru 13

Step 15 Once you have completed adding Dependent/Beneficiaries, scroll down the page and click “Previous Page”

Important: Your dependent will not be enrolled in a plan until you complete these final steps.

Step 16 To enroll dependents for coverage, check the “Enroll” box next to the dependent’s name (see below)

Step 17 Click “Submit” when finished

Note: Your elections will not be finalized and will not be available for your review until you click the “Submit” button.


When You Can Add or Remove a Dependent from Coverage

The following election changes must be made within 30 days of the event (birth, marriage, etc.).

  • A change in legal marital status, including marriage, death of a spouse, divorce, legal separation or annulment.
  • A change in the number of dependents, including birth, adoption, placement for adoption or death.
  • A change in employment status, including termination or commencement of employment by the associate, spouse or dependent.
  • In the event of a change in work schedule, including a reduction or increase in hours of employment by the associate, spouse or dependent, including a change from full-time to part-time status or vice versa, a strike or lockout or commencement of return from an unpaid leave of absence, associates have 31 days to make an election.
  • A change that causes a dependent to satisfy or cease to satisfy the eligibility requirements for coverage under the Company’s plan due to attainment of age or other similar circumstances.
  • A change in the place of residence or work site of the associate, spouse or dependent that results in a change in plan eligibility.
  • A court order that requires coverage of an eligible child.
  • Entitlement to Medicare or Medicaid.
  • A significant change in the cost or coverage of the Company’s medical or dental plan, subject to certain limitations.
  • A significant change in the cost or coverage of a spouse’s medical or dental plan, attributable to the spouse’s employment