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Commuter Benefit

The Commuter Benefit Program offers the ability to pay all or part of commuting expenses with pre-tax dollars.

Eligible expenses include: bus, light rail, regional rail and streetcar to mention just a few.

Expenses that are not eligible: tolls, traffic tickets, fuel, mileage or other costs you incur in operating a vehicle, taxi fare, payments to a fellow participant in a carpool or to a friend who drives you to work, parking at your personal residence, parking at your spouse’s place of work, parking at a mall or similar location where you stop on your drive to or from your place of work, costs that have been or will be paid by your employer, such as for business trips.

It’s Easy to Participate:

Determine your eligible commuting and/or parking expenses.

  • Access the Your Spending Account (YSA) website at
  • Select the ‘Commuter’ tab
  • Click ‘Sign Up Now!’
  • Under the “Place and Order” tab select either ‘transit’ or ‘parking’.

Enroll by the 10th of the month to receive your pass by the first of the following month. For your convenience you will have the option to repeat the same order automatically each month until you make a change or cancel the election.

IRS rules govern how much you can save through this program. There are monthly pre-tax limits for both transit and parking expenses.  If your commuting costs exceed this amount, the program allows extra from your after-tax pay.  For the current limits, please refer to the Your Spending Account (YSA) website.

Using the Commuter Benefits Program is easy, quick and hassle-free. You’re already paying for the expense, why not save money too!

For additional information go to to learn:

How the program works

  • How much you can save
  • What and who is eligible
  • Why saving is easy
  • Where and how to enroll