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Creating a Family Status Change

If you are an associate in any of the 50 states, you will need to go to to enter in a Family Status Change.

If you are an associate in Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam & Saipan:

Step 1:  Log into MyInfo.

Step 2:  Select “MyInfo” in the upper left hand menu.

Step 3:  Select “Self Service”.

Step 4:  Select “Benefits”

Step 5:  Select “Life Events”

Step 6:  Choose your event from the provided list

Step 7:  You will be prompted through the process for the life event chosen

Step 8:  Click “Submit” when finished.

Note: The system will process your request and validate your benefit options during the nightly system process. The overnight system process will “open” your event in order for you to make changes to dependents, beneficiaries and benefit elections.

REMEMBER, you can log on the next day after you request a Family Status Change to make your benefit elections. Your election window will only be open for 30 days from the event date. If you do not change your elections during this window, your elections will remain unchanged and the next opportunity to make changes to your elections will be the following Annual Enrollment period for which you are eligible.